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QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. is a laboratory service provider which devotes to R&D, production, sales and service. Our main business is automated sampling & preparation system, sample preparation equipment, containerized laboratory, fire assay equipment & consumable etc. Our products are mainly used in major ports, entry-exit inspection system, research institutes, steel mills, mining companies, independent?detection institutions?and so on. We have started global business expansion pace by exporting our independent R&D products to our partners and customers all over the world and planning to set up offices in Australia and Brazil. After years of operation, we have established strategic partnership with some leading brands in Australia, United States, Germany, Canada and Brazil and have been authorized as general agent which is responsible for sales and service in China. We believe in the philosophy of winning market by quality, obtaining development by innovation and building brand by trustworthiness. So we devote ourselves to promoting innovation and development of modern laboratory equipment and creating safe, efficient and comfortable working environment for laboratory workers. Our first-class product quality and superb technical service have won our customers' consistent high praise. Now we are working with domestic and foreign scientific institutions to design and produce humane, intelligent and modular laboratory equipments. Nowadays Yosion's staff adhere to the principle of "proactivity, unity, factualism and rigorousness" and keep exploring and innovating and dedicate to provide the most cost-effective products, high-efficiency sample preparation project and?meticulous service.?
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Minerals and Metallurgical Laboratory Consumables?Clay Crucibles?Porcelain Crucibles?Alumina Crucibles?Zirconia Crucibles?Silicon Carbide Crucibles?Graphite Crucibles?Quartz Crucibles?Cement Cupels?Bone Ash Cupels?Bone Ash Cement Cupels?Magnesia Cupels?Cement Bullion Blocks?Bone Ash Bullion Blocks?Bone Ash Cement Bullion Blocks?Magnesia Bullion Blocks?Fluxes?Litharge?Customer's Recipe?Fire Assay Appliance?Fire Assay Tools?Pot Bench?Knock Up Bench?Pot Loader?Pouring Trolley?Pot Tray?Pot Tong?Cupel Cooling Rack?Cupel Fork?Furnace Rake?Furnace Shovel?Pouring Mould?Fire Assay Equipments?Automated Flux Dispenser?Blender?Hydraulic Aerial Platform?Fusion Furnace?Cupellation Furnace?Calcining Furnace?Carbon Ashing Furnace?Roasting Furnace?Drying Oven?Automated Fusion System?Automated Fire Assay System?Intelligent Modular Laboratories ?Container Laboratories?Sample Preparation Container Laboratories?Chemical Analysis Container Laboratories?Environment Detection Container Laboratories?Automated Laboratories?Automated Fire Assay Laboratories?Automated Sampling and Preparation Laboratories?Rocklabs Products?Standard Equipments?Combo Systems?Mechanised Sample Preparation Systems?Automated Sample Preparation Systems?Container Labs?Reference Materials?Parts And Consumables?BOYD Elite?BIG BOYD Crusher?Gravity Gold Concentrator?Hydraulic Crusher?Pulverisers?Rotating Sample Dividers?BOYD Rotating Sample Divider RSD?Continuous Ring Mill?Smart BOYD Rotating Sample Divider?Smart BOYD Linear Sample Divider ?AP200 Systems?Timan Systems?Automated Batch Mill?AP300 Systems?AP1000 R Systems?Tropicana systems?Fire Assay Container Laboratories?Sample Preparation Container Laboratories?Carbon Heads?Chrome Heads?Agate Heads?Tungsten Carbide Heads? Zirconia Heads?Sampling and Preparation Systems?Samplers?Cross Belt Sampling Systems?Linear Cross Stream Samplers?Probe Samplers?Mid-Belt Samplers?Belt End Samplers?Gravity Chute Samplers?Grain Sampling Systems?Slurry Sampling Systems?Wastepaper Samplers?Customized Samplers?Sample Preparation Equipments?Jaw Crushers?Roll Crushers?Disc Mills?Ring Mills?Pulverisers?Pressure Filters?Drying Ovens?Rotary Sample Dividers?Sieve Shakers?Bottle Rollers?Laboratory Deducting Systems?Pulse Dust Collectors?Mobile Dust Collectors?Maritime Monitoring Products?IMSBC Code Tester?TML Insert Tester?TML Plate Tester?Reposed Angle Dumping Box Tester?Auto Horizontal Tester?Customized Tester?
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